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A deep dive into international soccer around North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Get to know the nations of Concacaf and learn about the soccer, countries and cultures that make up world soccer’s most interesting confederation. Hosted by Eric Schmitz, Donald Wine and Jonathan Slape.

October 27, 2021

#10 - Panama (featuring Max)

The guys review the October international window of World Cup Qualifying off the top in SCOREBOARD WATCH. This episode's CONCACAF LASER FOCUS is Panama (9:19), as Eric and Donald talk about their travels to the isthmus and then we say LET'S GET A BUCKET with our friend Max (34:53) to talk about our trip to Panama, and then we put him on the hot seat in REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (70:08). Before we wrap up, we conclude the SCOREBOARD WATCH (75:35) to finish up the window.

October 4, 2021

BONUS: World Cup Qualifying October Preview

It's time for another FIFA International Break, so the group chats about Concacaf World Cup Qualification ahead of the October 2021 window, and then answers your questions in POSTCARDS TO THE POD. Is there talk about Ronnie Brunswijk? Of course there is talk about Ronnie Brunswijk.

September 14, 2021

#9 - Honduras

After a few quick hits from the CONCACAF NEWS WIRE, we head to SCOREBOARD WATCH (5:22) to recap the first three matches of the Final Round of Concacaf World Cup Qualifying. We debut our POD ON THE ROAD segment (20:01), as Donald and Eric talk about seeing the USA-El Salvador match at Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador. Our CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (34:55) takes us to Honduras, as we include another POD ON THE ROAD hit from our travelers who caught the USA victory over Los Catrachos in San Pedro Sula. Finally, Jonathan is up to bat on the Honduras edition of REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (59:00).

September 1, 2021

#8 - Aruba (Part II)

Here's the World Cup Qualifying talk you've been waiting for. The crew goes through each Concacaf WCQ squad (that was available at time of recording), as well as each matchday of the September FIFA window. After that, they take some listener questions in POSTCARDS TO THE POD.

August 30, 2021

#8 - Aruba

Lots to discuss in the CONCACAF NEWS WIRE (2:05), headlined by a revamp in Concacaf's women's competitions, Jamaica's pleas for help and dual national news. The CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (26:34) shines a light on Aruba. After a look at the CONCACAF TRANSFER WIRE (41:01), Donald is the feature contestant on the Aruba edition of REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (48:30) and then maybe some World Cup Qualifying talk? Maybe?

August 13, 2021

BONUS: 2021 Concacaf Gold Cup & Olympics Recap

Our region's biennial championship has come and gone and we need to discuss it. Donald shares his experiences from following the US through the tournament, and Eric tries not to talk about how much money he lost in Vegas. The crew also discusses Concacaf's successful Olympic showing in Tokyo.

July 8, 2021

#7 - Guadeloupe

Eric and Donald handle this episode a man down, starting with SCOREBOARD WATCH (3:06) discussing the Gold Cup preliminary round games. Our CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (23:22) is Guadeloupe, who qualified for the Gold Cup and is maybe not a real country. Eric is up on REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (37:40), we hit the CONCACAF TRANSFER WIRE (42:42) and then preview the 2021 Gold Cup (49:11) in WHAT'S NEXT.

June 29, 2021

#6 - The Bahamas

Big SCOREBOARD WATCH coverage this episode, as the group discusses the First Round (2:04) and the Second Round (26:15) of Concacaf World Cup Qualifying. Our CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (13:32) takes us to The Bahamas, to discuss the nation that got the shock result of World Cup Qualifying. Jonathan is on the hot seat for REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (36:56) and our CONCACAF NEWS WIRE (42:10) includes Eric discussing eating police caps and the ridiculous drama in Trinidad & Tobago.

June 15, 2021

BONUS: Concacaf Nations League Finals Recap

The most prestigious competition in global sport deserves a bonus episode. The boys get together to discuss the epic conclusion of the inaugural Concacaf Nations League. Eric and Donald talk about what it was like in Denver as everyone struggles to remember to include all the stuff that happened along the way.

April 28, 2021

#5 - Curaçao

The guys catch up on the CONCACAF NEWS WIRE, as El Salvador makes a change, Jamaica has a deal and the regional competitions this summer have locations. Our CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (23:12) takes us to Curaçao, an emerging mid-major in the region. Donald is the feature contestant on REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM and then the group answers your questions on POSTCARDS TO THE POD (54:15).