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A deep dive into international soccer around North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Get to know the nations of Concacaf and learn about the soccer, countries and cultures that make up world soccer’s most interesting confederation. Hosted by Eric Schmitz, Donald Wine and Jonathan Slape.

#15 - Mexico (featuring Jon Arnold)

March 22, 2022

The crew heads to Mexico for CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (2:36) to discuss Mexican culture and our personal experiences there, the soccer, and the national teams. Then we're joined by Jon Arnold of the Getting CONCACAFed newsletter on LET'S GET A BUCKET (33:51) to go deeper on Mexico's relationship with soccer, the tragic events in Queretaro and where El Tri sits at the moment. Finally, Donald tries to top Eric's awful outing last episode on REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (68:33) and the key word is "tries."

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