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A deep dive into international soccer around North America, Central America and the Caribbean. Get to know the nations of Concacaf and learn about the soccer, countries and cultures that make up world soccer’s most interesting confederation. Hosted by Eric Schmitz, Donald Wine and Jonathan Slape.

#6 - The Bahamas

June 29, 2021

Big SCOREBOARD WATCH coverage this episode, as the group discusses the First Round (2:04) and the Second Round (26:15) of Concacaf World Cup Qualifying. Our CONCACAF LASER FOCUS (13:32) takes us to The Bahamas, to discuss the nation that got the shock result of World Cup Qualifying. Jonathan is on the hot seat for REAL TEAM OR FAKE TEAM (36:56) and our CONCACAF NEWS WIRE (42:10) includes Eric discussing eating police caps and the ridiculous drama in Trinidad & Tobago.